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Ferrous Recycling

We buy and Recycle your scrap..,

Steel and Metal

All quantities of steel and metal

specialishing in electric cable..,

Catalytic Convertors

Stainless Steel,Pipes, Rods & Sheets..,

Welcome to Ferrous Recycling Services

Ferrous Recycling Services are recyclers in Brisbane who pay you top money for your scraps. Any scrap metal you may have lying around the house can actually earn you some quick cash. Our facilities in Sumner Park boast state of the art weighing systems, scrap metal recycler equipment and handling equipment to process the scrap metal recycling quickly and efficiently.

Our services as South East QLD's trusted metal recycler include the ability to pick-up any scrap metal from your property in most areas. We can collect your scraps or you can bring them in yourself before it is weighed on site and you get paid for it!

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Our Services

Aluminium Extrusions, Aluminium Wheels / Rims, Aluminium Pots, Pans, Miscellaneous Items, Aluminium Cans, Aluminium Cast, Aluminium Swarf / Turnings, Aluminium Sheets & Rolls.

Universal Beams & Columns, Parralell & Tapered Flange Channels, Box Tubing / RHS, Angle Lines, Profile Cut Scrap Metal, Cast Iron, Car Bodies, White Goods & Corregated Sheets & All Steel Off Cuts.

At Ferrous Recycling Services, we care for the environment. This is why we conduct our services on site with care and consideration. To this effect, we ask you to please dispose of your scrap metal thoughtfully through scrap metal recyclers in Brisbane who comply by the laws and legislative requirements for ethical operation. In doing so, you may even earn some money!

We are located at 46 Neon St Sumner Park and are open 7 days a week. If you have some scrap metal you want to dispose of, bring it down to us or call us and we can arrange to pick it up ourselves. Once we weigh the scrap metal you will receive your payment and you can rest assured your metal has been recycled ethically.

All quantities of steel and metal - specialishing in electric cable..,

Stainless Steel Sinks, Pipes, Rods & Sheets..,

A range of metals
Ferrous Recycling Services
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